VAXVOX press event

Since vaccines have eliminated and reduced most vaccine-preventable diseases, people tend not to remember just how devastating these lifethreatening diseases can be. Vaccination is the most cost-effective medical intervention ever introduced and, together with clean water and sanitation, it has eliminated many infectious diseases that once killed millions of people. A report of the World Health Organization states that today vaccines prevent 2,5 millions deaths per year.

Every minute five lives are saved by vaccines worldwide.

We believe scientists have the moral obligation to “talk back”. Communication is crucial, sharing and explaining scientific insights are of critical importance. Good researchers will tell the truth, even if their findings are different from what they had anticipated or hoped. Breakthrough advances in medical knowledge happen through years of dedicated research conducted by many researchers across numerous studies.

We want to share our insights with you and will inform you about what we – as scientists - think needs to be done in order to deal with the threat of non-vaccination to global health and mankind.

VAXVOX and the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations invite members of the press to join us in a virtual event, part of the #WOHC2020 virtual edition.

Access is free of charge but registration is required.

Read the press event report by downloading the attachment.

Co-organiser EUSJA


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