Partner Guidelines

Join vaccination advocates worldwide !

Who can partner up with us?

Anyone, individuals or groups, from academic to corporate to non-profit, from students to established professionals can team up with us.

One condition: you and  your organization are working on science-related vaccine issues. Whether it be vaccinology, epidemiology, social sciences or interdisciplinary research, whether it is government, not-for-profit, network or pharma – we share one common goal: we want to communicate pro-actively and are willing to answer questions from the outside world about the work we are doing. 

By joining VAXVOX, you are part of the network of spokespersons of existing initiatives working on the scientific aspects of vaccination. 

This website serves as a point of reference to the outside world and as an entry point for members of the press. It gives access to the network of spokespersons on vaccine-related issues. When you submit your partnership, you are part of VAXVOX.